Shipping and delivery Murano glass

Spedizione e imballaggio Vetro di Murano - Murano for You

Safe packaging:

There is an entire department in the stores of the Morasso factory reserved for this delicate phase: to guarantee a safe shipment it is necessary that the pieces are packed with certain protective materials and with a certain standard. We know how it has to be done and we really take it seriously when it is about our artworks that will have a long journey before reaching you and your houses. This is the only way to be sure that you will receive an intact piece of art.


Since this part is fundamental because of its complexity we relied on the best courier company that deals with this process with the best care: DHL

Delivery time:

Since we are talking about unique handcrafted objects, the time to do it and to send it varies between 20 to 30 working days unless it is a product ready to be sent.


As a guarantee of reliability and efficiency, we have decided to entrust us with the best international courier companies: DHL and UPS