Through all the Murano glass animals, have a look at the elegance of the shark

In: Furnishing On: martedì, ottobre 11, 2016

The Murano glass shark is a unique and unmissable object for the lovers of this fearsome and fascinating fish.

For millions of years its sinuous and sensual shapes instill fear in all the aquatic world; we know how voracious the shark can be and this is the main characteristic that it is transmitted in the symbolic paintings created in front of the fighter planes of WWII or on the shields or masks of certain populations.

Its shape, dorsal fin or gills inspired a lot of creative people: film directors, designers, fashion designers. Today also our Glass Masters of Morasso Furnace dedicate a product line of Murano glass sculptures of incomparable prestige.

These Murano glass objects are created with a lot of attention to details of this animal and above all trying to make the shape of it the more elegant. Have a look at the artworks “couple of sharks” or “Crystal blue shark” in order to see how it has been transmitted the magnificence and beauty of this animal omitting its ferocity.

One of these to sculptures is made of glossy black Massello glass, the second is crystal Massello glass with blue hues, rigorously handcrafted in the Morasso Furnace. The Murano glass sharks are held by a wave made of crystal glass that frames everything with elegance.

Discover all the details in the descriptions of the products and choose the one that will enhance your house.