The right gift is made of Murano glass.

In: Furnishing On: giovedì, settembre 22, 2016

If you have a special on-coming occasion, you are certainly looking for a good gift idea, something that you have never given before or just something original because for sure you do not want to see a disappointed face.

So here it starts the research for a wedding, birthday and happens that your are not feeling comfortable with your choice because you are afraid that the person will not like your gift or you just do not know him/her very well.

In this case you can aim for something that people do like and that also represents a sort of investment on a valued object like the ones made of Murano glass.

And this is where we talk about prices that vary depending on the dimension or the technique used on the artwork, but this will surely reflect the prestige of a Italian, unique and rare profession that is synonym of the exclusive and strong brand Made in Italy.

The “couple in love” is one of the most requested Murano glass décor objects for weddings or anniversaries. It is an object that can be crafted in different ways and colors, so it is appropriate for every taste.

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