Murano glass vase: Must have it!

In: Design On: mercoledì, settembre 14, 2016

The Murano vase is one of the most requested subjects between all the Murano glass artworks. The common function of the vases was always the one to hold flowers, in this way it always gave importance to what it was holding and not to itself. 

An artwork like a vase can be crafted with different materials, but through all of them, the most interesting one is the Murano glass. The beauty of the colors and the several techniques that you can apply on the Murano glass distinguish these vases from others.

One of the finest techniques to use on the glass is the application of the golden leaf, the use of pieces of mirror and many others that definitely makes the Murano glass much more appreciated and chosen as a room décor.

Who owns a Murano glass vase has at home an object with a great artistic value and with no doubt a unique piece that tells its story.

But as time went on, the vase has been more and more appreciated in our rooms, tables or cupboards, not anymore as a container for flowers although as a complete object even if it is empty.

There is more interest now in studying new kinds of shapes since we are not aiming anymore just to its purpose but its appearance as well.

And this is how a simple object, that at the beginning was used for its function has become an aesthetic choice, also thanks to its design that is one more reason to appreciate the fascinating antique typically Italian profession.

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