Murano glass: luxury décor in your house 

In: Furnishing On: martedì, settembre 27, 2016

It is always the right moment to look up the new Murano glass products, both if you are furnishing your house and it is already furnished. Have a look at the new trends and news in order to find new ideas and to introduce to your house new prestigious pieces. The enthusiasts know what are we talking about.

The luxury, prestige, value of these Murano glass objects are known worldwide! That is why the orders of these décor elements keep rising. There were always tendencies on owning a Made in Italy object and why not, also on showcasing it: your friends and family will be surely delighted to admire it!

There are so many types of colors and decorations that it is impossible to not find the right Murano glass object for you! Golden, with transparencies or multicolor, you will surely find the one that combines better with your room; but note that if you find one that completely sticks out from the environment it will exalt even more.

However, the glass masters who keep working with passion and go on with this rare and typically Italian profession handcrafting these unique artworks. These objects bring the art of the “Made in Italy” worldwide and the immeasurable value of this artisanal and unique material.

Look up through the several categories of MuranoForYou, through the different objects of Morasso Furnace you will find many kinds of animals like tigers, birds, gazelles, horses, fishes, bulls, décor elements like a couple in love, gift ideas as centerpieces, decorated plates or even glasses and carafes.