Murano Glass Horse Sculpture

In: Art On: mercoledì, agosto 31, 2016

The figure of the horse assumed a lot of meanings that settled in the cultural traditions of many kinds of populations. Based on the period the horse assumed different representations as the symbol of beauty, freedom, the impetuosity of human nature or mystery like the son of the night or living together.

The horse was not just a symbol, it had different roles during human history: means of transport, war fellow, labor force etc.

Several painters as Edgar Degas, Giorgio de Chirico, Marino Marini, Francesco Messina, Aligi Sassu and many others chose it as a subject. Many sculptures loved this subject as well, thanks to them we can admire wonderful artworks worldwide.

Following the beauty, curves, details and elegance of this animal, the Glass Masters of Morasso Furnace decided to choose this subject as well to create unique and stunning horses made of Murano Glass.

Thus several Murano glass horses leave the Morasso Furnace and do justice to the past of this animal that had accompanied us through history.

Thanks to the knowledge of different kinds of manufacturing techniques the glass masters donate to the Murano glass horse sculptures a realistic representation of their pose, shape, colors and hues.

You will find the Murano glass horse sculpture handcrafted in the Morasso Furnace in this section.