Murano Glass Certificate of authenticity

In: Art On: martedì, agosto 30, 2016

Certificate of authenticity of the Murano’s glass artworks

When you decide to buy authentic Murano glass pieces you will find a wide range of options. How can we be sure that what we actually are buying is a handmade product made in a Murano furnace? How can we be sure that we are investing our money in an authentic piece of art?

The product that you are going to buy, if authentic, fully represents the concept of piece of art, which means that it is a unique handmade artistic creation of a glass master. For this reason you will need a proof that what you are buying is actually certified and that the purchase is somehow protected.

At the moment there are two types of certifications regarding the Murano glass objects: the first one is the warranty “Artistic Murano Glass” managed by the consortium Promovetro, the second one is a self-certification provided directly by the glass master who created the glass artwork.

In our case, the Morasso Furnace of Murano decided to provide the self-certification of the handmade product that will guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of the artwork.

What the self-certification consists of? Within the package, together with the product, we will leave you a certificate where it will be indicated:

-       A univocal identification number;

-       The date when it was created;

-       Description of the technique;

-       The stamp of the glassmaker Morasso Furnace.