A Murano glass sculpture as the homage to Brancusi

In: Art On: martedì, ottobre 4, 2016

In MuranoForYou there is a section dedicated to these artworks made of Murano glass; the glass masters of Morasso Furnace commit also to these interesting reproduction.

What precedes the realization of these Murano glass artworks is an attentive and analyzed research on the original artwork and author in order to catch their essence and to be in sync with them during the work.

You will find not only famous artworks but also original ones that are inspired by current artists or sculptures. It has been given a big attention to details that allows everyone to recognize the specific style, art trend or the artist.

In this article we want to talk about a particular tribute from Morasso Furnace to Constantin Brâncuși, Rumanian sculptor who lived at the onset of the 20th Century. During his youth Brâncuși had an academic education that his artistic values struggled with until he decided to give up the Academy. At a later time he got married in Paris where he made his first exposition and where he met several artists who influenced his concept of art.

After being interested in the primitivism he starts to craft stones and other “primitive” materials that distinguish his works. Through all his artworks the glass makers of the Morasso Furnace got inspired by “Single glass head”, unique and original Murano glass artwork.

It represents a stylized human face, with Massello glass made of crystal and multicolor glass. This Murano glass sculpture is unique and it is entirely handcrafted; you will be able to allocate it in any kind of environment since it is a complete décor object.

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